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by - Saturday, March 24, 2012

Don’t think for a moment that your heart is ‘strong’. The heart is a vulnerable fool. It turns more easily than you turn your head. That’s why its called ‘qalb’ (that which turns). Protect it with layer upon layer of guards. And the only guard is the *consistent* remembrance of God.

Those word do give me lots and a lot of meaning. . like I quote befor in my fb

“bila Allah rindu seorang hambanya, Dia akan perintahkan jibrail perikanujian padanya. . supaya dia bnyak memohon dan merintih padaNya"

apabila kita jauh pasti Dia akan merindui dan member ujian agar kita merintih kepada –Nya . . and I feel so relieves and I did manage to study well after that.

“What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life”

This is one thing. What I did today I a step to make sure my life wil full of barakah + happiness and His bless. I am not rilly good in what I am now but I am trying to be like I want to be. I miss those day which I am in the community, I’m with the association, in the society and after all those glittery days past, I just I am today. N I do envy to other who manage to get attention.

“Being envious and jealous of others will rot your heart ask Allah to increase His blessings upon them and you will see your heart blossom.”

Totally true. After I read several book and esp the think positive from chicken soup for the soul. I think back all the feeling that I have been created. Aha.. it funny but that is the truth. . I do feel jealous easily and I ALREADY realizes that I didn’t need the feeling so much. I should be happy the way I am and should improve much more isn’t?

My heart has rotted quite sometimes but luckily with the faith that I am what I am now, my heart are blossom even though I was in the winter mood.

What lies behind us

And what lies before us

Are small matters

Compared to what lies within us

- Ralp waldo emerson

Thing happen from the past , close andlock it sumwhere else. Look at the future, cherish every moment that i breath.

p/s : this two week is rilly hard for me. i have lots and tonnes of thing to finish up before i have my holiday. there are several test that i need to faced.

i do feel so tired but i am trying to not loose all my energy. . i need to recharge it very often. . do Help me and guide me =)

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