teeeetttt!!!! t.i.r.e.d

by - Monday, February 14, 2011

assalamualaikum guys ;)

things aren't good here.
i mean, my condition.
semoga tuhan memberkati hidup anda semua ;)

so.. yea.. i set that in my mind.
having good frens.. good place to study..
it's something that i'm still learning.

but i really don't understand when
there's people who give such a rude
words towards me.
i don't even know who you are.
n if i even do something wrong..
or didn't reply your chat or anything..
pls. janganlah smpai buat anggapan yang buruk
pada seseorang.

my family, my love n my close friends..
i love you, more than words could describe.

my love.
i guess u're the only person who knows
my situation. my problem.
i'm really sorry if i had been your burden..
u're too good to be true.
u're such a kind person..
thanks awak..
for all u've done..
for accepting my imperfections..
i love more.
each and everyday..

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