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by - Friday, October 28, 2011

3 words

-i love you-

When love first comes and all seems right;

It’s beyond our reason that we two can fight.

Yet fights will come, and anger might thrive,

So let’s try to be sure that our love will survive.

Let’s make our plans with similar goals,

So our wants and desires won’t hit hidden shoals

That set us crashing when things get hard,

So our love can stay strong even when it gets jarred.

For if love can stay strong when it’s tested by fire,

Then we'd share a future that most would admire,

A future where partners would strive side by side,

A future where love would always abide.

No one can know what the outcome

Of spending years together will be.

Being happy together is a gift,

And enduring love is the key.

So here's to a favored couple;

Everything has worked right for you.

May your future bring more of the same,

And your love remain strong and true.

i do. .

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4 buBbLes

  1. awwww sweetttt! :D

    semoga kekal sampai hujung nyawa. :')

  2. @nuraimyasmin

    Aamiin ~ semoga sehingga ke alam yang kekal abadi =)

  3. nice poet ^_^

    sweeettt sgt2 ^_^

    sy doakan kekal sehingge ke syurga ^_^

    aminnnnn ^_^