an hour is just an hour

by - Saturday, February 26, 2011

As Salam

good afternoon

an hour can save your life, an hour can change your mind, sometimes an hour is just a gift that we give to our self, for some, an hour could be most everything. for other, an hour make all the difference of the world. but in the end, it just still an hour. one of many, many more to come, 60 minute 3600second, that its. who knows what the next hour might happen. . .

it just a ordinary Saturday that i have,
just another day that make my week complete
just another day that i create a new dream
a dream that never been done
not even an effort to done it

as the time pass
my sticky note also increase
and never be decrease

how i wish i can manage me again
to be myself again

laziness please go away
i beg it. .
plizz leave me alone

ouh how i miss myself

i just took an hour
just 60 minute

p/s : just reach my room at 0130 . .continue my sleeping
wake up -> wash all the cloth
have my lunch
and up in front of lappy


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