its take sumtimes

by - Monday, August 02, 2010

its always take sumtimes to be gud
it take sum times to be great and
it take the whole time to forget sumbody..
its not our choice to forget or need to forget thing or any buddies..

sumehow im feel glad to far away n sumtimes i need u to be by myside.. which to have no inch with us... n sumtimes feel like i want to jump from the klcc bridge.. do i need to alive? ouh mcm bella yang sedang terjun curaman yang sngat tinggi.. bella ade jacob.. dea ade backup while edward far away kan?? how im envy with here...

sumtimes... silent is gud.. n silent is everything.. silent is the way best communication ever... the wavelength yang produce by our voice kekadang tade la bagus pon.. n kekadang may hurt others jugak.. jadi i wish everybody to be silence please...

i just wonder.. what if i dun haf u.. what if i'll never be born n what if if my umi never meet my abah? do i still here? y am i here? y am i in dis situation? this is because god love me more...

i can make it thriugh this life with u by my side n im really glad that u were born.. ill never stop to pray to god to make u mines forever with HIS willing..

walaupon kamu tade la perferct as saidina ali
tapi ku tetap akan sentiase ade disamping kamu
tak kire la mcm mane jaoh nyer diri ini,
mcm mane saket nyer hati ini
mcm mane ta larat nyer diri ini
kerna ku tidak akan pernah PENAT menyayangi kamu...

p/s: dear buLbuL.. i syg u more... more then a million of stars in the universe..

with love,

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