Think positive dah habis so baca Think negative plak. kelaka mcm 9gag!

by - Thursday, June 14, 2012

السلام عليكم 

bila dah tak boleh nak study, baca buku negative thinking.. aha.. buku think positive dah habis so baca think negative plak. 
lepas tu tertarik dengan yat opening ni : 
Your low self-esteem means that you're desperate to make people like you--no matter the cost.
 You're too chicken to express your own opinions, so you either keep your opinions to yourself or you go along with the popular consensus. 
When it comes to conflict, you'll side with whoever has your ear at the time, only to take the other person's side later that day.
 Your loyalties flip flop to whichever position benefits you at a given time, and you're certainly not above selling someone out to garner favor with people at the top.

hihihi.. best gak bace quotes2 dalam nya. kelaka and boleh gelak. ada satu jokes tu,
cam ni, cam ne eh nak cter. tapi conclusinya, bila negative thinking bermaharajalela dalam otak, boleh menyebabkan cancer inducer on and dea trus menghidap canser hati.

kelaka tapi tak reti plak nak cter balik. nanti ade mase ili salin balik k.


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