5 days to go!!

by - Monday, June 27, 2011

Assalamualaikum. .

suddenly feel like years has not updated my own blog. hikhik.. yeah.. pejam celik pejam celik this wek is my six week of attachment and its the last week to grab any knowledge from the professional tissue culturist. im a lil bit regret because for the past 2 weeks i am so dam lazy. hell yeah i am doing nothng but only one experiment. Fyi, for tissue culture, we only one whole day doing experiment and wait the plant to growth ( also growth fungus an bacty0)hahaa

One of my training friend is from UKM and she already finish doing final year prohecy ( i am so jealous) and she already get "LULUS" for her fyp! arrggh.. i am not start anything yet for my fyp. . literally lah . . but now she need to wait anothe five weeks to complete her attachment!! hikhik. . me who always tease her because for me from now onlyleft 5 days!! wee~

Lately i am craving for music. . and always listen to all kind of music that i have. thats why my mood is so calm and happily nowdays..wee~ but my ears is start to felt sumthing not really as usual, when i use the earpiece, my ears start to feel uncomfortable . . ears. please be good . . pretty please dear . .

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