80 days to go!

by - Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Dah jawab salam ke belum ? ahaks. . banyak list nak update dalam blog.. tapi kenapa masa amat mencemburui nie.. ade jer perkara yang lebih penting nak di settle kan. aha. ok.. ni quick update sahaja. tak tau lah nak panjang atau tak tapi nak juga coret kan kenangan dalam blog tentang hal ni =)

yeay.. final im of the List! will be other people who incharge on me and take care of the responsibility other than my father. May Allah ease our way to on Your way to jannah =)

yes it is..  i only have 80 days left for preparation. yes.. only 80 day left. we have decide to be together for a long time. the decision was made due to hove confort we are when we are together =) i dont want to talk about this ok.

purpose of this post is to remind my so called engagement day. ahaks. its so damm funny and memorable to me! Nowadays people tend to spend more on their engagement ceremony. only engagement but they make it like wedding party. last 2 day i went to my fathers friends's daughter engagement party. do u know where is the place? at MATRADE ok. just for engagement they already spent like dat.. cant wait for their wedding!! 

its ok for people who afford. it is their way =) but i want to story my way =)

ok.. my so called E-day was not actually and E-day for me. i take a long time to caleed it Eday because i dont want it to be that! so i called it parent meeting day.. just like parent and teacher who never meet and meet on that day right?

aha since our family never meet before so, on that meeting day, for the first time they met. and it is a short not too long meeting =) begin at 3.45pm and finish around 5.30pm. yeaaaah... not even 2 hours ok. because i am to shy to be infront of people.. i dont even look at others! ahahahaaa... so funny!!!! 


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1 buBbLes

  1. You really need to brush up you English. Good effort though. And may happiness and love be with you and your loved one.