Should i or not ?

by - Thursday, December 05, 2013

hari ini im all alone in the office, i mean yesterday yes thursday n now i am out of the office because my kazen would like to come !

suddenly the plan is change

we cant watch the hunger game 2.. 

urgggg .. how i miss to watch movie in the cinema!

the plan was delayed maybe next week because of the cuaca is unpredictale now days

but im so happy kl is raining like this

it seems like the raindrop is the snow flake but yet its not coold enough to turn the raindrop to the snowflake




n today i decide to move out from my parent house

to rent somewhere 

but dont know where yet

i could rent a house but yet

the financial will be so tight so that i need to do 2 jobs!

can i do it next year ?? just like begining of 2013?

it just to cover my rental

should i move out from my parent house?

maybe its the time because 


i need to find a house to have a life with future hasben


there is one house 

near new mrt station

O  . . i still has doubt . .

should i??


ok lets end it . .

my new obsession

not really new

i already try this quilling stuff long ago during my study time with my beloved rummate aina n kak syida

because of we are not really creative..

be cant produce anything.. ahaha

i really admire miyyah!

her work is so amazing subhanallah !

so tiddy!!

wish to have this n just like this!!


i have a lots of new obsession or so called dreaming about a lot of thing and i really wish my dream come true!

i have a lot of thing in my wish list now!!

really and too much 

i think i cant fullfill to have all in the wish list until im 60!


but i really wish n really really wish to make them come true!!

most important is

im not really ready to move in 2014!

clock please ticking sLowLy!

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