Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Entry Tertunggag - Cameron- Monsun cup 2011

~hey peeps, las last weekend we have an awesome trip Mardi Cameron Highland and it is my second time been there and both time are with my classmate to. yess... its tru, my first Cameron trip also with my classmate.

at the moment we arrived there, the temperature of the surroundinf is chilling cold babeyh... and it must be because of the musim tengkujuh since we are at the end of 2011. but i rilly like the weather there. even though dekat sana sejuk tapi hati tetap tak beku =)

we had the same talk macam the first trip and we round at the same place and i recognize the same flower that i used to like is still there.. teehee~ some of my friend did their industrial training there and the rilly love that placed freaking much i think.. kihkih.

here are some picture. . i have more but i dont have time to upload =)

at the entrace

=) try to use my super power to have super close up to this bug but this the best i can get.

then after have a delightful eye cachy scenery at Mardi Cameron highland, we have our SHOPPING Spree~~ muahahahaha..... here the most excited fren nak shopping.. kot... hihi

on the next day, we planned and we went to Syahbandar Square to watch monsun cup.then we went to TTC to have ANOTHER shoppping spree there .. just like SOGO in there then we proceed to Riyaz Heritage... my second time there!!!

=) we with rumah OPAH upin ipin =) and budak kecik baju pink tu lah tuan punya suara of Upin Ipin
vvip view of rumah opah.. actually masa moment kitorang pergi ni, dah nak tutup but we are lucky =)
.. even though we did not meet any of the guy above, but we have a good moment to gather playing with bubble balloons. . hehehe.. till we meet again Monsun Cup... and Cameron highland

One thing i adore at cameron Higland is they can plant Basil Leaf, Bergumot and much more herbs and the taste is good too!!! i am so love herbs so much!

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