Friday, November 30, 2012

Raptai Konvokesyen kali ke 4


Bahagia rasanya dapat konvo. Setelah sekian Lama menantti untuk merasa konvo ni
jauh sungguh perjalanan kitorang nie..
Lepas 4 tahun blaja dan konvo kali ke 4
dari melaka-bahau-muadzam-k.Terengganu
bertoLak jam 10.15 malam
0730 pagi baru sampai
mandi2 jap tros ke UniSZA
amek jubah
Ingat tunjuk sLip n amek rupanya macam2 kene buat
and lastly dapat dah sticker kereta and kad jemputan

 Lepas dah amek sticker
tros bawak surat and amek jubah
banyak gila jubah dalam store.
tapi sayang
tak leh piLih2.. 
 banyak kan?

and akak nii sibuk key in data b4 bg naju

 Le frenzy fren tyme raptai
tak best pon raptai ni.. tak test jalan pon lagi
and lastly LE BFF here... miahaha.... 
Jumpe lagi jap lagi!

my attire bought from : byfatinsuhana =)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

LucKy Me!


akhirnya.. penantian untuk menonton Breaking dawn part 2 sudah berakhir.. semaLam bergegas ke cinema n que untuk beli tiket.. so gLAd sbb Line tak panjang... tengah nak carik wallet daLam beg suddenly kan.. ade plak a girl give me 2 ticket fre... so so lucky i save rm26 for the ticket.. and the sit is so good.. atas sekali dan sangat clear!!

the moment i step in the hall.. waaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuLL house kot! thanks again sbb dapat tiket free... akak tu cakap kawan dia tak dapat datang.. kitorang sampai kat cinema jam 7.42mlm n tros dapat tiket free.. mmg lucky sangat2...

ok ok

cerita sambungan ni sangat best n sangat sequence to the previous.. eventho bnyak scene dea cut out tapi tetap best... 80%sesempurna dengan novel..

tak leh nak tulis panjang..

Friday, November 23, 2012



This week was perhaps one of the hardest weeks the Ummah has seen for months. From the atrocities on our brothers and sisters in Gaza to the continuous killing and shelling in Syria, it truly makes one pause, take a step back, and think, 

"What can I do about all this?"

The response to the above question varies from one person to another and I've heard a range of responses from "Make Dua" to "Gain proper knowledge and raise good Muslim children". Yet, somehow these answers are not satisfactory; somehow these answers sound more like excuses to keep turning a blind eye and hope things get better or not truly reflect on what we can really do to help.

 Ask yourself this question: If you had your brother or sister or wife or child or father or mother among the people of Gaza today, what would you do for them?

Picture the situation and ask yourself the above question, then write down the answer and e-mail me back. 
I want to hear productive responses inshaAllah ;)


Sunday, November 11, 2012

After 3 month =)


Alhamdulillah... masih bertahan lagi di Genting Plantation ni.. selepas assement 3 month, markah pon dah kitorang dapat.. for those yang below 70 dinasihatkan untuk berhenti program training ni.. 

thank you Allah.. alhamdulillah.. markah atas pagar saja.. 72 markah.. dan masih boleh teruskan perjuangan untuk merebut pekerjaan kat office ni.. and thank god 3 of us is stay here... 2 of my friend dah di offer for employment.. ceit.. kalah tipis dengan markah.. beza hanya 3 markah kerna test 1 and test 2 beliau lagi tinggi dari gua!! namun markah presentation and interactie session gua paling tinggi among 9 of us.. teehee~ i will improve and prepared for January assement plak..

stop of happiness

it was sad to said that 4 of us need to stop the traiing.. and we are so and very close here..

very. . .

never had such a good memory like this.. it more than everything ehen thing around is need to be hold on and keep on survive in new surrounding. .  doing a lots of thing with them is a very damm precious second in my past 3 month life... 


Bahagia is all i felt and 

i can only say Thank for the memory

once friends is always friend ohkey..

18 july 2012 is a date that we start to know each other... ada kawan dari sabah 2 orang and they are so nice! one of them is christian and not the roman catholic but i forgot the name la... ape eh..

she is so good and very religious.. i dont even know a person of other religious is so obey to he religion.. she is happy to leave gprc because she can go to the church every saturday.. yet deep inside her heart she sad to leave us -adlyn-

once had said to us 

" u are to close each other, how is when one of u us exec and other need to leave u"
hiyaaa..... that is thing should be think now....

y la

setiap pertemuan ade perpisahan..

im sad of that!

mungkin ade hikmah di sebalik..

hmmm hari tu kat al hidayah tv.3

ade bercakap mengenai hikmah

and i am totally agree with it..


ok lah..

cook lunch wif umi..


heading back to meLaka after zohor..

esok azam baru

new me
new brand
new mind
new brain
and i hope

new attitude


wish to have

new smartphone~

very soon =)

weee... -> Low yat