Wednesday, September 19, 2018

2018 rebels

Hi Mid September!

I wanted to blog but i dunno what to write gaisss please do help!

ok la. disebabkan hari ni ada lebihan masa untuk menulis, makanya mahu membebel sekejap di laman maya ni.

1. make up
tak tau la kenapa tahun 2018 ni rasa macam die hard fan dengan make up. i beli the whole collection of duck cosmetic tapi 1 pon tak pakai tersadai dalam bilik. haha for what la beliiiii ni. ok lepas ni i will try to do vlogs as well to show all the duck cosmetic collection that i have ok!

2. Pursue my Master
currently, I'm officially a student. next Saturday is my first day of the second semester and yes I will spend my weekend a the faculty. felt so lazy felt so don't want to continue and feel like i want to stop! im so tired tu pursue but i already start it. i need to travel 120km to the fac every weekend.  and let my baby with le husband. im sad but i need my master so much. Oh Allah please and please give me strenght

3. Next Baby?
Conceiving next baby? yes, i plan my family but I'm not taking any family planning medicine okay! all naturally since I breastfeeding my Lhia for 2years and 6 months. i do want kid and i really want twins one shot. is it possible or not im not sure. we dont have twin gene. n people think i am greedy to have twin one shot.

why i want to have twins because next year im 30 ok! i wanna have 12 kids but yet i only have 1. ahaks! n im afraid to be in the labour room again!

im not sure what i want right now so i keep on postponing our family planning. i want to achieve a lot of things n i wanna have kids as well. its confusing! shall i start TTC now or once i finish my master? OMG. confusing

till meet again blog
xoxo, Ili

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