Thursday, February 12, 2015



It has been 2 month. 2 month after i say goodbye to single life. 
currently i really have no time to update my blog even my new year resolution is to update it at least once a mont.

i failed in January.

i am busy make my self comfortable with my new housemate and roomate.

it quite take some time for me to adapt the new scenario 
this is because previously my room is my territory.
my bed is my comfort zone
my laptop is my movie maker
even in my previos stage of life, i rarely watch TV programme

i prefer to watch all the english series that i download an all Kdrama n movie
even my office just behind pavillion, 
i watch movie once a year


So after married ( yes im married!! wink!) 

i really feel that i have a good life 
i feel the bless
i feel calm
no more anger
*sometime tak sngaja*

and i will get busy until i sleep!

i want to share more but i do need Unifi in my housing area!!

till then,

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