Tuesday, December 09, 2014

3 Days until the day

Assalamualaikum wbt.. and hello everybody . .

I just want to mark the day that i will remember that i learn religious things is much much much much more simpler than adat thingy. .

Now i have experience it by myself. Mostly i just heard and read and read n take note but when i 0lanned my bigday. I experience them all.

It really time consuming if you dont planned the whole year for your wedding day. Thereotically it say that the simplest the better.

I plan as simplest as possible and do most important thing n invite family n friends . . Tapi bila reality when everybody start to ask.. start to get involve.. it getting bigger n bigger n more to thing. . N im happy because it is still not beyond my capability

In this 20century.. i suggest a wedding planner is impprtant to make sure everything organize aand have answer to every question that people ask..

For example, eh catering tu.. ayam nya brape ekor urk xxx org makan.. cukup ke.. goreng dlu ke..

Its true kena tahu tapi kalai dah hired the catering.. in dha allah pandai la dia kira kan.. haha..

Yes... bride to be as wedding plannner is thr most tough job i ever experience yet i am so enjoy! I treasure every moment of my big day

I am happy

Looking forward for peacefulness in heart n strive excellence for better jannah n life. 

Lots of love


  1. There is no "more simpler". Should have been "simpler" or "more simple". It's just like when you use the word "better" you don't have to put the word "more". "More better" is wrong. "It really IS time consuming" and "It IS getting bigger". You can choose not to publish my comment, it's fine by me.

    I pray that your wedding ceremony to go as planned. :)

  2. Salam. Liz dtg follow sini. mula2 type dkt google soal kursus tu yng terblogwalking smpai sini. Cantik lah blog. Siapa yang buat kan ni? ke buat sendiri