Friday, June 01, 2012

What a tired day yesterday


yesterday is such a tiring day.. i already spread it all over the world (facebook and twitter) all over the world lah sangat kan. and here are the story to told. Last Last night i had a career talk from genting plantation berhad and during the day, i went out shopping with my girlpren to buy few ladies stuff at DESA MURNI or they call it also as Heaven of scarft. (i didnt agree ok) aha.. 
after a  short note of genting plantation, i wonder do i want to work there and my heart keep saying.. lets give a try, why not u just try. go and prepare your file and resume. 

than i prepare my resume and copy all my certificate and i felt to sleep at 1.30a.m and i need to wake up by six.

by 6.15 a.m , with help a miscall from my friend GEE, i succesfully wake up. actually my roommate always make me wake up with her alarm clock singing out of the phone but yet yesterday, she is not around when to a trip. so after i wake up and prepare my self for the first interviewweee. aha.. and i am not nervous at all. seryesly i did not feel nervous. and i know this is not weird. y? it because it just me.. aha.. maybe sbb the surrounding area is familiar for me and suite me well compare to be interview in other places.

the interview is going well as in a room, two of the candidate are been interview at one time. me and LUqman was a partner and yet he still have a problem of finding words to say. but i try to let him say everything he want =)

After the first interview, i when a luncheon with my beloved supervisor. i ate a plate of a dishes called MANDY Chicken and its delicious! the long grain rice make me feel like im in the arabic country for a second but it disappeared when the dished was accompany with a blended chillies which is so sweet. spoiled but still nice. aha...

after my luncheon i came back to ptm 2 after i get a called for 2nd interview from them. i ought to my room to sleep but i still cant/ the second interview way too long.. it more than 30 minute maybe and my throat is dry out already to talk. after all five of us is finish and one of us is starving to death, she going back to her room to eat and 4 of us proceed to the next meeting with dr nash at ptm 4. it is because to get back my thesis. i need to deed a minor correction. just about to match my percentage. than i will proceed with printing and binding.

i reached my room at 6 p.m and quickly i lend my bofy to bed before the sound of fogging machine distorted my precious time to rest. i stand and looking outside the window and all the smoke cover my view.. urrggghh..

so when something did make me  feel bad, i become so hyper. i clean my room, wash half of my cloth and put them in a machine to... swipe all the spider web in the house. arrange the shoe and so on and im so tired. i felt to sleep at twelve. i just to tired and i just need a rest now =)


p/s : ta tahu lah kenape membebel sangat ni

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