Thursday, June 07, 2012

Abc will be in the house

People sometime don't understand what n sometimes I also not understand people too because people r not understand me maybe .

Sometimes thing a better to keep it quiet rather than talking out loud.

Speak, taLk can aLways make people hearts hurt kan?

Trying to seal my mouth n not talking while I'm angry is really impossible

While I'm angry n people taLk to me confirm akan terasa taw.. Hahah

Yeaayh it's better to leave me alone when I'm doing my work

Why am I angry
It because most of people doing their work by copy n paste , so do I . It's normal but it it to sure that we need to edit it nicely and make it not like we copy paste. Arrangement pon lari. Hmm so I jugak kene re edit balik other people work. Ingt kn combine just combine je.. Hmm ..

I don't know y I am so sensetif with terima kasih. It's not hard to say it right. It a word of appreciation kan?

P/s: in order to get rid of this madness I need to write it.. Aha sorry

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