Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let be cLose

Today I just want to share with you a 3-step process to be socially productive with those closest to you:

1. Find an area of interest: Find something you really enjoy doing and can spend hours doing, e.g. arranging events, cooking dinner for lots of people, writing, teaching, etc.

2. Learn/Develop your skills in that area: Start reading books/taking courses on developing your skill of interest so that you become the best in your field. If you love cooking for example, learn the top recipes and experiment at home. If you love teaching, learn about teaching techniques, etc.

3. Share your skill with others: Use the skill you have to help others with it. Think creatively and don't limit to what's already been done before!

Here are some practical examples:

1. Let's say you love gardening and taking care of flowers, for example. You could develop that skill and volunteer at a local hospital to help them arrange flowers for their patients, for example.

2. Perhaps you enjoy baking cookies! Start a small business at home, selling your cookies to family and friends and donating the proceeds to a local charity you support.

3. Maybe you're amazing at videos. Start a local video campaign about the importance of keeping your streets clean, for example.

Honestly, anything goes! Just think of a skill, develop it, and use it in creative ways to help those around you! That's the essence of social productivity.

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