Saturday, March 10, 2012

Draft 1

Few weeks back, I was watching a video of a well-accomplished Expert talk about the importance of having a message in life, and he said something profound that stuck to me. He said:”at the end of your life, you’ll ask yourself 3 questions:

Did I Live?
Did I Love?
Did I Matter?”

As a Muslim, that got me thinking, and I wondered if we could slightly rephrase those questions so that they align to our akhira. Here’s my attempt at rephrasing the 3 questions:

Did I live for Allah & His Messenger?
Did I love Allah & His Messenger?
Did I matter to the Ummah?

Stop! Don’t read further, and take a pen and paper and answer these questions now reflecting on your life so far.

Stuck? No worries, here’s some help:

The first question can be answered with acquiring authentic Islamic knowledge and learning about the Deen and applying what you learn in your life every single day.

The second question is more to do with the heart and development of the heart trying to understand concepts such as tawakkul, patience, reliance on Allah, love for Allah’s sake..etc.

The third question is about being productive, more specifically about being socially productive. I’ll be honest, this last question intrigues me the most and we’ll focus on it in the next few weeks.

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