Saturday, April 16, 2011

(PICTURE) Fishmonger, Carrymark arab here, Pizza, ladies day

first, wearing like fishmonger
yes i am
lately love to use the word fishmonger
remain me that im still young
yes, this is me in this attire
dissect a fish
at UMT

2nd : i got my syafawi test during arabic class
i get 4/5 of recite doa corretly
but all my class i think can get 5/5 correct. .

3rd, i manage to complete my report on time
macam thesis
hell yeah!!

my notebook for micropropagate
yes, OFFICIALLY closed now


4th, this is my MINI THESIS. .loook at the title ok
doing 3 discusiion in a week
definately not me

5th, Caryy mark arab. . dah keluar
and mine is not good
enCik Boyfie manage to get 59.25/60
so envy

6th, hanging out with girlfriend,
this is ana,
she can eat evertyhinh

this yana, as skinny as i am
the one who drive us anywhere to go
even her license dead oready

this is me. . a monster who can eat all the pizza
esp Yellow cab
n nyum nyum!!

do we look a like??

i guess, it was the most sengalness outing ever
out of sudden, it turn to picca whore time
me and umrah do lots of snapping

getting bored oready

Ana n Umrah is eating

Lastly . .
Home sweet hOme

banyak kan shopping. .dah abes sem pon masih banyak lagi
makanan . .sbb kami always lapar lah

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  1. hhihihi..bes woo..mkn sampai ta larat nak mkn..hahaha...plg ksian kat ana..akak tu ta nak air pepsi...MALU weih...kihkih