Sunday, April 03, 2011

119th anniversary of first documented ice cream sundae

As Salam
it might be a little suprise hen today u open up google browser and see the logo
it look really tasty and nyumnyum . . delicious
today is the 119th anniversary of 1st documented ice cream sundae, google is a search engine that is always celebrated the great and historic day by placing the logo on the search page in order to commemorate every important event in the world. The following bit of ice cream sundae.

kawan kawan tahu tak ape itu sundae? huaa. . its my feveret ever after but lately baskin is my first preference. .so in love with the world class chocolate and also chocolate chips and also moist choc and also bla bla bla . . so crazy in everything with chocs

sundae is an ice chrism dessert. It about consists of a beat of ice chrism topped with syrup, and in some cases added toppings including chopped nuts, sprinkles, FOAMing cream, or maraschino cherries.
the origin of sundae is in the midwistern allotment of United States, were in already anesthetized that banned law of affairs a soda baptize every

The boondocks of Evanston, Illinois was one of the aboriginal towns to canyon such a law about the year 1890. As an another on Sundays, bounded soda fountains started affairs ice chrism sodas bare the soda, which larboard alone the ice chrism and syrup. That became the compound of what was to become accepted as the ice chrism sundae.

ade 3 version story but i like this one better

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