Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hello 2020!!

It has been a while since last time and I think I have more time to spend and write what I wanna write and share here.

actually, dalam draft post dah ade 184 draft and i tak post pon and I'm not sure why, but I will stay up tonight and post all the post again.

Sekarang seperti yang ramai dah tahu, Malaysia sekarang under Movement control Order (MCO) atau Restriction Movement Order (RMO) and mini semua kerja harus dilakukan dirumah

the struggle is real 

we don't have option to stay at home and focus doing works, and now i know doing work at home is much more effort need to be added.

Work + House chore = work from home

later i will continue to share with u gais my routine ya!

Yes! March is not over and its mean I'm still in the first quarter of the year hence I'm still legit to say 

HELLO 2020!
Nanti saya share lagi spa yang nak share because i still thinking of the niche of my blogs.

till we see again

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