Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Highlight of 2013 !

AlhamduLiLLah syukur ke hadrat Allah dengan Limpah dan Kurnianya dapat menempuh dugaan dan rintangan sepanjang tahun 2013 ni. 

Bersyukur dengan segala rezeki yang telah Engkau limpahkan kerana Kesenangan dan Keberkatan Mu amat terasa dihati.

1. January 2013

it was a nervous month for me because i had my presentation for Job Confirmation.

2. February 2013

yeay!! i got my Job eventhough it still in probationary stage but i will try hard to sustain in this industry. and at this moment i lost something that i have appreciate it for the last five years. its okay, we lost something and gain something

3. march 2013

My cousin got married! urrghh it the day i start to think to get married too and suddenly i can think it is not easy to move on on the next stage

4. April 2013

i lost my grip i lost my mind and i am so fragile at this point. dont want to remember

5. May 2013

my New resolution is created! i want to get in shape back in 2008 !! and i try hard ! so hard but by today i end up , i gain 10kg more ! i am so upsad so that i will to continue the resolution in 2014!

6. June 2013 

aha . . in May! mmm there is a lot of untold story but i remember that one of that is i start to be a tuition teacher! because i end up in high cost living area so that i need to gain more income

7. July 2013

yeaayyyy . . . dapat tahu Note 3 nak keluar n pasang azam dan niat nak beli lalu sampai hari nie tak dapat lagi makanya jgn tanya saya lagi ade ke tak whats app . .

ramadhan yang ke 24

8. August 2013

Happy merdeka day malaysia n happy hari raya

the happy part is i got my confirmation! Alhamdullillah =) Thanks Ya Allah kerana memberi peluang ini =). 

9. September 2013

start to sibuk with aina's Wedding, meet up with Gf at artie's place =)

10. October 2013

Yeaaayyyyh . .. aina got married! if im not mistaken lah kan kan!!!! ahahaha.. n first time for of us travel together by flight and i remember that i didnt blog about it yet!!! yeaahh i forgot!!! Aina got hitch on 25 of October so that, Me Artie Echa n BuLbuL when to terengganu together n much help from couzie, everything when so well =)

11. November 2013

Yeaaayyyyh . .. my very first Annual Dinner =) ahaks.. rasa macam macam.. aha.. n yet i did not blog about it.. i think i need to do throwback =)

12. december 2013 

Echa got hitch!!! here some picture

And also i finish my new year with my first bonus ever !!!

toodles 2013!

will do a lot more in 2014

pray for syria n pray for Malaysia too =)

aaa.. nak tulis lagi tapi nak balik rumah dah =((

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