Saturday, October 05, 2013

working is not as fun as study but . . .


Life was never meant to be a walk in the park. At least for me. The experiences we garner from our interactions with people, our surroundings, our decisions (it may be right or wrong) and reaction to problems definitely makes life more 'colourful'. I have always admired 'successful' people from a very young age. And, I have read more than a few biographies of the great leaders/innovators/people in the world and the most common denominator is always the same. "The ability to rise up from the ashes to succeed when all looked bleak". Every successful person has a story. And very unlikely, these stories will start from being handed riches at a very young age. Most likely, it all started from humble beginnings. 

Personally, life is basically continuously learning (I never believed in this mantra at first. I thought I knew enough!) and it was something which I adopted after going through numerous failures. No matter how good you are, how fat your paycheque is, or how impressive you presented in a seminar! There is still room for improvement. Hence, maybe because of this, I don't get satisfied easily with myself. And, sometimes, it rubs on to my subordinates. Good is never enough. If you are good, why not be better? However, I also know there must be balance and contentment. If not, we may be chasing or trying to attain something which may not be even existent. 

Talking about lemons? I use to get all worked up when colleagues don't like me, I use to worry when people talk behind my back, or being left out from an invitation. I would be depressed and it will affect my mood for days, sometimes weeks. I guess I have moved on from those days. My objectives are clear. I do work to the best of my abilities and funnily enough, when you show professionalism and sincerity in your work, even your toughest critics will buy in with your work. As the saying goes, nobody can argue with results. 

So, for those who feel pressured in work. Tight deadlines. Colleagues who bully. Colleagues who impose themself because of pure seniority (not because of aptitude). Do not fret! From my experiences, it just a phase in life all of us have to go through. And, the good thing is, if you come out of it (alive), you will definitely be a stronger person and for me, I never impose my authority on my colleagues or subordinates (unless those who have a really bad attitude problem). And the reward is, a much more united team and an extremely healthy working environment. How do I know? I guess you can feel the positive vibes! 

So, when life throws you lemons, make the best possible lemonade that you can and add in a pinch of honey, if you can! Believe me! That little bit of sweetness does go well with the bitterness because it will somehow make you appreciate the journey taken. 

God Bless! 

p/s : thank you and u know who u are =p


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