Thursday, May 16, 2013

Currently . . you are the one is my kegemaran.



this is a really short update from me

currently i am in love with myself . . and i appreciate myself more and more each day =)
n i'm in love with the word currently . .hihihi

For the time being, i might not have much time to write but i have a thousand kuasa dua   story to tell . . but let me keep it first =)

If u are wondering what am i doing now, i am a probation research executive and i really hope i can finish this period quickly so then i can planned my future precisely =)

OK.. now i would like to introduce this song to all my follower because i really love this song so much!

wish to use this song during my ehemmm ehemm day... aha =)

see you soon =)

listen this song..
dedicate just for you

from Heliza Helmi

p/s: Miss buLbuL so much.. 

xoxo, dont gossip girl

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