Friday, November 23, 2012



This week was perhaps one of the hardest weeks the Ummah has seen for months. From the atrocities on our brothers and sisters in Gaza to the continuous killing and shelling in Syria, it truly makes one pause, take a step back, and think, 

"What can I do about all this?"

The response to the above question varies from one person to another and I've heard a range of responses from "Make Dua" to "Gain proper knowledge and raise good Muslim children". Yet, somehow these answers are not satisfactory; somehow these answers sound more like excuses to keep turning a blind eye and hope things get better or not truly reflect on what we can really do to help.

 Ask yourself this question: If you had your brother or sister or wife or child or father or mother among the people of Gaza today, what would you do for them?

Picture the situation and ask yourself the above question, then write down the answer and e-mail me back. 
I want to hear productive responses inshaAllah ;)


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