Tuesday, October 09, 2012

After 3 month leaving Unisza


salam' alaik ! another 9 days is going to be my 3rd month in Genting Plantation Research Center. yaa.. it hard to be in here and it also hard to work here. to many graduates make us to compete with each other. there are always friends and they are enemies too right? it hard to keep ur friends as enemy but what to do.. as long as we have an outstanding performance, nine of us can be research executive very soon. 

I tried out something new for the month of October… not sure if it works or not. ><
bg from here.

some thing that i had pass through is something which is so precious and totally different scenery in past 4 years or even in past 10 years. my previous time is all about learning and thinking but now i ought to learn, do all new thing, work for others and make others work for me too. im the one who never loved or like people do my things but now i learn how to make people do task and turn to be perfectly. doing work in a team is much easier compared to when i did it alone. yes i admit there will always a lots of argueing and a lot of anger in the air but in the end, when we think positively, everything be perfectly produce. 

By being too sensitive I have wasted my life.
Arthur Rimbaud 

so far from all of my project i have not done any outstanding achievement yet and true dat i am rilly disappointed with my self. it is not good but not outstanding. i always pray to be better person everyday. before i sleep, before recite doa tidur i need to thing what cloth i should where tomorrow and that is the most laziest thing i want to do. ahaha.. i have rilly now idea since the attire working in the estate is much to free style.  but when we were baju kurung will order some trouble because people will think "oh, tak nak pergi field lah tu" urrrgghhhh but its true... ahahaha... since one of my project is in the lab so i prefer to pakai baju kurung when i want to do analysis. baju kurung is very ieasy to wash =) compared with seLuar jeans ok. 

i did not only lear about thingy dat i must learn in the office but in the same time i learn a lot and alot and alot of millions new thing here. every single day must thing what to eat. yeah, i must eat to gain enough energy until my rest time. and be in here i am able to cook on my own which that is the best thing happen in the whole day. 
enjoy cooking so much but sometimes there is a day that i dont want to cook because i have a lot of thing to do. i need to complete my log book. i need to wash my cloth or sometime i just feel dont want to do anything. pergi kerja, buat kerja, balik kerja, mandi, mengaji dan tidur awal. that is the BEST routine i ever had here.. 

day might me so tired and some day might be too lazy and onLy one day u will be very productive. in 30 days per month, i have 1 lazy day, 1 tired day and most of the day i had, i am bersyukur sangat sbb produktif =) 

other than balik kerja buat kerja, cooking, washing my own cloth, keep the house neat and tidy i also practise to not skip mengaji. at leat 2 pages per day. i did did it every day without miss. i am so gLad everyday sbb temui ketenangan yang bertambah2 setiap hari dan rezeki dari ALLAH tak pernah putus. Now i am more appreciate my life as Islam, as Muslimah and i aLways want to be good =) pray for me ok. 

ok.. dah sampai dekat pukul 5, nanti internet connection trus tiada...

biLa hati dah tidak tenang... senang nak give up tapi sebenarnya sikit lagi nak sampai..

bertahan ye ili aisyah

16 october - ili ade Proficiency test - Doakan semoga mudah nak menghafal tentang Oil Palm

17 october - ili ade presentation untuk 3 month evaluation. semoga akan dapat fast track.

Doa kan ili yer semua =)

 p/s : emergency hug pLiesh! aha 



  1. the real things after graduating. takutnya walaupun lambat lagi. InsyaAllah istiqamah in every ibadah yang kita lakukan. Jangan tinggalkan Quran. Thanks sister. reminder for me

  2. No matter what circumstances are coming out on every your edges..just bear with it and count on yourself.. Ili aisyah can do it.. Ignore others might think,do or feel.. what u need to be more concerned is yourself.. either you still no meet the outstanding level or yet, you have achieve it.. make sure you do will with "ikhlas".. and Allah will do the rest..May Allah bless u always my dear.. :-)

  3. salam..ili, semoga tabah mengharungi apa yg berlaku..

    huhu..lame x study rasenya=p