Thursday, January 26, 2012

Murmur #1 : gaggles

gaggles is a flock of group


its has been several weeks on my calender that say i am in a holiday period
but yet, now i am still in my beloved universitas:85:
doing my finale semester a bit earlier and observed my plantlet. every single day i wish i can wake up earlier and i dont want to sleep after subuh prayer, but after 7 i will automatically fall a sleep as easy as A B C:face32:. and it disappointed me as i will wake up when the clock tick on nine.. urrgghh.. after that i will take record and heading back to the hostel and cafeteria around 12.

and that is my everyday routine
wake up - data-eat-sleep
in the meantime
i watch Grey's Anatomy
repeat peat peat peat peat:face53:
(mocking i love u like a love song:131:)

aha, then i have a lots of time thinking and watching and thinking and thing
a lot
ye when i mean a lot that is a very a lot
bout life, life after graduation, working or continue my master
i love to learn rather than working i think

so i may proceed my master here and end up to be a lecturer here maybe
who know, my faith is here in a Terenganu maybe. .

Dream a Little Dream of me
im not a princess, seem like fairytales

but sometimes i wish to be a princess
(i already be a princess in my dad's heart :132:)

ta tahu lah pe dah melalut ni

just feel like want to write something here

those word is so true:a1:

1 comment:

  1. enjoy ur holiday girl but make sure, you'll end it with somthing that not regrettable..

    live ur life and plan it properly sis.. :)