Monday, November 21, 2011



breaking dawn part 1

bila mahu ada part 2? siapa akan berlakon menjadi anak bella? uurghh dah lama sangat tunggu sampai dah lebih sepuluh kali ulang baca novel2 stephanie meyer ni n for breaking dawn only i ter memorized the page n most of the scene n for me, part 1 breaking dawn is cover only just a few pages, not include how jacob inprint with the baby and how fast she growth..


i will keep on waitting n waitting to watch both and keep on reading the novel again n again like i did for harry potter, Ps i love u.. hahaha

and again, the movie not rilly as sweet as in the novel.. seryesly =)


  1. entah knapa twilight prtama je tgok film dia.. yang laen prefer bca novel jer..

  2. @DOMU-KON novel memang lagi best kan.. lagi jiwang