Sunday, October 23, 2011

wierd me

so a few days ago, i had a weird day. wait, scratch that. i had a weird week.
it wasn't so weird earlier this week. but tengah tengah tu.. astaghfirullahalazim..
seem like everything going to fluctuate in me..
the adrenaline, estrogen progesterone etc. .

why weird? its because i just finish my test one for irrigation, oil palm, ART and now i need to bear ith the sorokness of football match dekat cafe... urrrggghhhh annoying sound!! okeyh.. scratch that..

back to topic.. when we have our class visit to carey island at selangor which is an acid-sulphate soil had be plant with oil palm island *dun ever think that this island is like redang.. totally differ okep*, the trip is ohsem.. really and mean it... for me... oil palm class seem a lil bit bored but the trip give me toons of input. and i have fun with all my classmates.. susah senang bersama kan even tayar bus pecah and pokok tumbang tengah highway but we did have fun *in term of fun is wide ok* its NOT only with frens but i also able to meet my adek n get my peberet BANANA MUFFIN ever! ouch... it was fun happy and exciting tho!

safely arrived in my room at 0315am according to my handphone and quickly change the cloth, wash the face n brush the teeth n sleep.... when i wake up in the morning.. the disease attack me...

urrggg... laziness... totally make me feel so nak marah orang because i cant do anything when i get the disease..

how to cure??

dont know larh!!!

seryely still-now i have it... n i am so lazy!!!

plish go away my dear lazy-fever, boredness and semangatless....

i need the strength . . .

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