Wednesday, June 08, 2011

DeaR dEAr

dear bee,
with love.

i miss us so bad like nothing else in the world,
i miss the silliness, us two goofy girls,
i've looked for you out there in another,
but i failed horribly; i became my own stranger.

i wont say "i miss you" right to your face,
i wont even share this piercing longing i embraced,
knowing you're fine is all i need to make sure,
but how i wish you are fine with me behind ya.

i suck at saying i-love-you's, but ah, so are you,
i suck real bad, so i'll just leave you to,
just think of me once in any given nights,
hopefully the darkness will turn itself bright.

p/s: Credit to FynnJamal

i know i cant create such a good word like she did
i cant even put those three word in one line
when i am with u

but i truly mean it when i SMS you..
i do miss u
like a lot

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