Monday, February 21, 2011

Perhentian island: Part 1 = the resort. .

salam sejahtera

last weekend, me and my fellow friend
haf a great great great weekend at perhentian island . .

i dunt have much tyme to tell but first enjoy the pixca..
let the picture tell 1000000 happiness

there also a school in perhentian ok

" a friend of my friend"
-maziela n ana at full moon night-
in the morning.. waitting 4 breakfast
esther starving too
Looking for ... hahaha
trade a book
devil wears prada here
sunny morning
the restaurant
the chalet
esther n ana
umrah.. her mom keep calling
me n yana -look a like??-
yun CHAN


the View
The breakfast

the sunset mesmerizing
the activities
the tiredness
the happiness
the loneliness
the cheer
the excited
the US

with Love,

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