Thursday, November 11, 2010

its the battle! it's time to create the things you'll get used

Selamat petang semua,

today my fren who will come and "meet" me everymonth is here. "she" rilly make me to eat those pinky pill for this time.. *makan sbb ta nak serabot otak tahan saket*

apakah yang ku bebelkan hari ini.. patot la semalam sangaat rajin untuk menuli blog n the mood of blogging sangat concerntrated plak minggu nie *cam ne nak stady*

hmmm..dalam kita belajar mengejar ilmu dunia nie, kita jugak ta boleh tinggal kan ilmu agama? dan apabilakan kita dapat mencari kedua dua nya baru la kita akan berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat kan?

aku rase en, sepanjang aku blaja kat universiti ni, im am not the sort of pupil yang rajen untuk jumpe lecture.. dolu aku rajen kot.. kat matrik sangat rajin n since last semester n this semester.. ouh sangat sudah malas.. n i tau beze nyer slalu jumpe n ta selalu jumpe * i admit, pointer jatuh kot last sem, jatuh sket* i hope not this tyme.. this semester ta jumpe pon.. sedeyh nyer ngan diri sendiri.. bukan ta nak jumpe tapi ntah la... *syaitan hasut* sob sob

ape yang u guys paham ngan familiarity?

Familiarity always make me feel safe.

It comes with the company of good friends, the surrounding of your home, the same feeling you get when you read your favourite book, pictures, songs, etc etc.

I used to woke up alone in the room, knowing that my roommate is in the other room talking on the phone. Then I went back to sleep, and when then I woke up for the second time, I'll see her.

Thats just how it is every single day, and it has become one of the familiars that get stuck in my head.

Today I wake up, I look around the empty and somewhat messy room (need sapu very soon!) and realize that I am alone in the room, and I should get back to sleep. So I sleep.

The next time I wake up, I still have the room to myself.

Allah has given me the opportunity to have the familiar for so long, now He's taken it back so I learn to appreciate people more, and to be more accepting.

Lucky for me though (I think), familiarity is something that you subconciously create for yourself, and I hope I create familiarity fast.

okeyh.. enough blabbing here..

i haf a mission to complete my study for my final now
today i haf full of chat day with dr hafsah
n we exchange idea and share idea for my fyp soon *berbelah bahagi*
i talk all day long and laughing n i so want to be like her. .
jadi hari nie tanam kan semangat dalam diri... i want to fight n fight until the last
pray and pray .
how i wish to be good
and noe its the battle for me myself and i
laie sket nak dapat ur ever derest cgpa ili!!!!
kejar deaa!!

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