Friday, July 02, 2010

tHanx 4 BeiNg a Part oF me BuLbuL

You see
I was nothing more
than a girl who wished
for something different
watchin her dreams
from a distance

You see
when you came in
it's a different game
You believe in me so much
You turn me from nothing to a girl
who's super-something

You'll see
I'm better
I'm faster
I'm happier
when you by my side
(ku lalui semua dengan senyuman di wajahku)
(ku tempuhi semua kerana engkau di sisi ku)

The truth is
I was never more than this
Something kept me from reaching out
for something
but my heart is wanting
what it's looking for
then you came
you turn me upside down
I'm no longer afraid
of chasing
I'll be the last one standing

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