Sunday, January 17, 2010


If ppl said daT rOck iS hArd aNd strOng, I waNNa bE LiKe a rOck. If mOuNtaiNs aRe strONger, I gUesS I shOuLd jUst cHanGe my miNd. BUt tHen if I cOULd be jUst a LiL beTTer thAn rOcks aNd mOuntAins, gUeSs I'd chOOse being WIND. Dat wAy I cAn bE mOre thAn pLain strOng aNd dUmbly HARD. I cAn bE sOft - Like the mOrning ...brEEze, jUSt strONg Like a strONg wiNd Or viOLeNt LiKE a huRRicane. *Morning everyboDy

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