Monday, January 15, 2018

Hello 2018 ( Late 15 days)

It 15 days of 2018! and I am not too late to wish all the readers out there a Happy New Year! 
I’m always a little leery about setting grandiose resolutions for the new year, but, I have made one commitment that I think is going to really pay off for our whole family.
I’m resolving to spend at least a few hours every week making dessert and effort to cook, and I’m involving the kid in my quest. This is particularly fun for my little girl who loves to cook with me!
and the list goes for 2018 and I realize 365 day is not as much as stars in the sky. living the time that u have without hesitation and more happiness ahead.
Whatever reason happen in the past, let it be a lesson and not to repeat it again. U are the one who creates your future. it's your choice. -that is ILI 2018-
On the other hand, I might start to pursue my study and my class begins on 12th of February 2018. Please pray for me. 
Why I choose 2018 to pursue my study?
it because actually my plan to have another baby in 2017 and it is not happening, but for 2018 I need to a new set of technologies and knowledge after 5 years graduated from my Degree.

I do want my child to be proud of me as a mom, as a working mom as everything. let me lead them by example for future.

2017 is a wonderful year for me. I've learned a lot and I would like to drive my 2018 much better. Only myself can change my life. Only myself can create what I will deserve in the future.
It's easy. You own what you have done, you do it wholeheartedly, you deserve will deserve the recognition, but if you do it with no patient and responsible, you also will deserve what ur future will be

Part-time as Shaklee Distributor 
2017 is a year that I can't forget for as Shaklee Distributor. it has been up and down for quite some time but for 2018 I want to excel in this. this will help to ease the burden to finance my study. Do it. you will get it. it simple.


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