Throwback 2013 | Go Ahead Without Turning Back

by - Monday, July 14, 2014

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and Hai everybody!

In a blink of and eye we just finish first half of 2014 already and by today date its already half of july. it so fast but not fast enough as i imagine. 

since january 2014 i pray hard for time flies fast to reach the end of year because in december 2013 i have so much fun and so much turning point. the new me the matured me and better me.

"how time flies" is the only thing in my mind to think about. actualy i am so busy but i still want to write because im afraid of there is no more "next time"

January 2013 - Alhamdulillah Syukran jazilan ya Allah ! i have successfully completed my 6th Month training as Cadet planter and proceed my carrier in plantation line

February 2013 - Reported to Plantation Advisory as Research Executive. i took the whole month to make myself comfort and arrange my own salary. Luckly i have more than half of it because my ummi always prepare packed lunch for me.

March 2013Alhamdulillah Syukran jazilan ya Allah ! again because i successfully have some saving and buy my own car =) Purposely to use for further outstation. 

April 2013 - First time in my live to go for outstation! yippie!!! i am over excited thou.. even the estate that i went is the estate that i used for 6 month training. i am sohappy because i know all the people there!

Mei 2013 - Chaos month ! i have to investigat about "new vrop" and call all the external researcher, arrange visit. and also to update the new trainee, provide question and give test etc. .

Jun 2013 - And again for the first i attend Annual grand Meeting in such a big company. as a public listed company, their AGM is very complicated and deals with complicated people too. and the best part is this year we have CHARITY BAZAAR ! i want to be one of the vendor next year!

July 2013 - Again and again a chaos week because my confirmation is around the corner

August 2013 - Alhamdullilah redesignation of my title from Research Executive to Plantation Executive. and From August 2013 i start to receive my uni friend wedding invitation! yeay! Kedah here we go! !

September 2013 - Yaa.. after get my confirmation lots of evil whisper reduce my productivity, i became so lazy and tired and dont want to work. i need to stay positive this time and istiqamah in doing my work! all the evil whisper try to make me give up and stay home. i think of it for a while.. but i dont want to stay home!

October 2013 - My BFF Wedding Day and for the first time (again) me and L in the same flight to Terengganu! not only two of us ok.. there is for of us include another two BFF! workwise.. emm.. i already recover from the lazineee after seek from allah to make sure the evil whisper away from me. i start to have intention to attend islamic seminar, conference etc . . in order to improve my knowledge =) Workwise, my longest outstation ever!

November 2013 - And Again for the first time in my life i participate in PIPOC 2013! this is an oppotunity to give some view about plantaion industry. how i wish i can produce lots of paper for plantaion and environment!

December 2013 - JengJenJeng! i will always and always love december and cant wait for december every year hikhik.. there is many many reason to be happy in december and one of them is your boses ( i repeat bossess sbb i have more than 3 bossess) are away for their family vacation ! yippie!!

hah! that is my result for 2013 and i am so happy to be born as me!

 And for 2014 i have a lot of goals to be complete! i will share it soon! 

p/s : orang tua tua pernah cakap, benda yang lepas jangan dikenang. Atau pon Go ahead without turning back. tapi kadang - kadang bila kita ingat balik apa yang kita dah gain in the whole year sebenarnya takde lah teruk sangat diri ini dan kita akan belajar mencintai diri kita lebih and lebih. For example.. kita tak akan push diri kita lebih2 sampai sakit tapi lebih sayang diri kita and appreciate ourself. Once u down and u want to get up, u must know how to creat your self esteem and increase it back!

p/s/s : currently fav colour is yellow ! blue! white! and pink !



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