2014 is Going to end soon! Why so fast?

by - Friday, July 18, 2014

Assalamualaikum wbt and Hai Everybody

Yesterday i already go through my 2013 and i really appreciate everything i gain now. its a bit tough at the first placed, but now i already learn the rhytm. 

let begin my 1st half review! [aha..macam tajuk meeting dah]

January 2014 - another wedding invitation, me and L act as maid and men of honoured! thanks for the opportunity! aha.. i have new resolution as this is new year man! of coz one of them is to loose weight! aha. and also me and L think to move to the next stage soon =) just think ok . workwise its a bit complicated because currently we are adopting new stuff.. so it takes sumtime to learn and explore.

February 2014 - really busy and my expenses is chaos and i dont know y.. even Feb is only 28 days but my budget vs actual is so far far away! dduuuhh.. blame online shop please! i Implement this from onwards . ." THINK SMARTER NOT HARDER"

March 2014 - My first ever Islamic seminar! i went there with one of my bestie! i do love love to attend more. an eye opener event and also it clean your heart too! thanks BFF for inviting! My dearest Cousin wedding at terengganu is hilarious and sad to say that i have a very high fever and not enjoying much!

April 2014 - My first Plantation Seminar [ not conference ]  and i enjoy it really really much. Now i know during the seminar the do's and dont's .. One of them.. do wear comfortable cloth and bring sweater! 

May 2014 - one of my friend got engage! congrats Nina !!! this month i have huge issue and i dont want to share it here because this issue is not a good issue because i will easily get mad with this issue.

June 2014 - I'm one of the Auditor for ISO 17025 SAMM Accreditation for Testing Lab. and Im glad i already go through the training and have certificate to audit this ISO. and this is the first time i did audit and its fun! i think im in love with auditing for a while!

July - Yeaaay.. already half of the year past but none of my new year resolution has complete.. just partially. An as for July is a fasting month, most of my work are in the office. [ just received bad news, need to attend a meeting at Johor on 25th .. i already in raya mood!! ppfftt ] but its ok.. i can jalan jalan there =)



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