Madness Monday [pembazir nye lah hang]

by - Monday, April 09, 2012

should be

i am in a very happy and excited stage because i am going to have my own backpacking journey to phuket

but sadly to say ehen i reach home i totally cant find my passport.

where the hell is my passport?

my passport!!! where arrreee yoouu???

"im in ur locker! forever and always"

damm!! sentap taw tak..

and my rummate could not try to sent it to me

tak sempat dah

flight to penang should be this evening


to phuket tomorrow morning 

i already paid for everyhing. .

tinggal nak pergi jer

such a waste


memang crystall clear that saya seorang pembazir

tapi saya tak sengaja

Min buy groupon deal and i am so eksaited to join

without any hesitation i cepat2 pergi transfer dwet

so semangat 


i can not go!

desperately need my passport

if and only if

passport boleh aci maen buat macam IC kan mudah

claim as hilang and buat lain.

kejap jer dapat


disebabkan pasport malaysia ni most wanted,

tak dapat nak buat laen

penat dah g immigresen


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